THE CRYSTAL BELL for HEALTH brings health into your home (In domum sanitas), health to the soul (In animam sanitas), and health into your relationships (In necessitudines sanitas).

Jingle the bell three times. It is advisable to do so at sunrise. The three crystals engraved on the bell symbolise the Holy Trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

We take the bell by the stick/handle (either hand will do) and jingle it. If the crystals are spinning on the inside of the bell or if it chimes, it means that our wish (prayer) will be heard, for a vibration is triggered.

The vibration of this bell will remove the negative information from the room and, through the vibration of the stone crystal, will stimulate the vibration of health that positively affects all chakras.

This type of stone crystal is one of the purest crystals in existence and has an incredible energetic effect on people, animals and plants. It cleanses and neutralises. It plays an important role in healing, cosmetics, bioenergy and crystal therapy, where it accelerates the performance of other crystals. It opens a deeper awareness and encourages the development of mystical and spiritual abilities. Its energy increases and strengthens the aura, balances, opens and decodes emotional blockages, calms the nervous system, helps with physical and mental exhaustion, strengthens vitality, restores meaning to life, and delivers the will and vitality to anyone who uses it.

The bell with its crystal stone will bring health and plenty of positive energy into your home.

Jingling the bell for HEALTH over a bedridden patient will somewhat alleviate the person’s suffering by purifying the air in the sick person’s room.