In the same way as on humans, Elena Sofia does energy therapy on animals with remarkable results. Animals do not speak our language, but they do respond to energy.

Energy therapy is an extremely powerful and effective way of restoring the animal body’s lost energy. It stimulates the mental body to trigger a self-healing process of the physical body. Elena Sofia Seničar performs long-distance therapy using a photo of a sick animal (full body and head photo taken from one side), which lasts 7 consecutive days without interruption for 30 minutes. It is recommended that during the therapy sessions the animal remains as calm as possible. Elena Sophia will contact you daily to inquire about your animal’s physical condition. Side effects of the therapy may cause vomiting (the immune system is being stabilized), diarrhea (liver cleansing) and/or bloody urine (kidney cleansing), itching, irritability …

All this lasts one day, then these problems will stop. In most cases, the side effects are only present one day during therapy (it could be the 1st or 7th day, or anytime in between). However, there is no cause for fear as the body only cleanses itself. Make sure that the animal drinks as much water as possible. But most importantly, the therapy appeases the psyche of the animal. Elena Sofia particularly recommends energy-tuning therapies for animals that come from shelters, have been abused in the past, or have been given away by new owners. With therapy, the animal becomes completely calm, accepts the new environment easier, and adapts to a new life.

Elena Sofia may not be able to replace physical part of an animal’s body (a missing limb), but lots can be done if your pet is not born with a physical disability.

In severe cases, therapy should be repeated after three months, but the effects of Elena Sofia’s therapy should last for 7 months. During this time, the body of the animal – and therefore the whole organism – is completely restored.

Elena Sofia Seničar is a renowned energy therapist who achieves amazing results through her work. She reads information about the physical damage of the body and organs from the matrix of the mental body of an animal, deletes negative information to restore the energy lost to it, and encourages its body to find the most appropriate solutions for itself.

At the death of the pet, Elena Sofia Seničar also helps the grieving owners who can in no way get over the loss.

You can help shield your pet from the bad vibrations and negative frequencies with ElenaS brand energetic pendant for pets, which protects their biofields, boosts their immune system, reduces their levels of stress, and ensures that they have sufficient energy for a long and healthy life.

Elena Sofia Seničar is a renowned and licenced energy therapist who achieves outstanding results through energy therapies and consulting. She has obtained a certificate in (Bio)energy Treatment from the world-renowned Bion Institute for Bioelectromagnetics and New Biology, where she performed therapy on repertory rhythms, the effect of energy on energy centres and the effect of energy on water.

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