Perception is Power

By: Elena Sofia Seničar

About the Book

In Perception is Power, author Elena Sofia Seničar tells her personal story and reflects on the significance and meaning behind her many extraordinary experiences.

Born, raised, and settled in Moldova, her daughter’s illness forced Elena Sofia to immigrate to Slovenia. While there she met her husband and gave birth to two more daughters before enduring three miscarriages. During the last induced labor, Elena Sofia died. She recounts an experience of an unfathomable sense of love before waking up. Since then she has been able hear other people’s thoughts, diagnose their health problems by logging into an individual’s biofield, and glimpse their past and future.

Perception is Power tells her amazing story and describes the mysteries, analogies, and insights she has gained through counseling, energy therapies, and her motivational abilities. She hopes it helps readers find their own motivations to persevere through challenges in life and see that all things in life are endowed with meaning and purpose.

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About the Author

Elena Sofia Seničar was born in Moldova and attended a Russian school. At one point in her life, sheer desperation and hunger forced her to do things one can hardly imagine, but she has not allowed her past to dictate her future. She says this is why she is a happy and positive person.

She has three daughters, two granddaughters, and two dogs. She is a passionate lover of the Baroque period. Elena Sofia Seničar and her family live in Slovenia, where they regularly participate in events held in medieval castles.

For more information visit her website or write her an e-mail