Energy therapy is an extremely powerful and effective therapy that restores lost energy to the body. On the basis of the mental body matrix, Elena Sofia Seničar reads information about physical defects of the body and internal organs, erases negative information, restores the lost energy to the body, and encourages it to find the most suitable solutions itself.

The therapy, which can be performed long-distance, lasts 7 consecutive days, 30 minutes per session without interruption. On the additional eighth day, drugs, alcohol or smoking addiction is eliminated. In severe cases, therapy should be repeated after three months.

With her Energy therapy, Elena Sofia Seničar achieves outstanding results. After 8 months of therapy through photography, she has managed to awaken a young boy from a coma and an older woman after a stroke (the lady opened her eyes following her fifth treatment). So far, she has successfully roused 8 people out of comas. “Every vibration triggers a reaction”. If a bone is broken, the doctor sets it straight, but only the body can find the most suitable solutions itself.


Every person has a unique genetic code. In addition to the record of the physical body, there is an energy imprint/code that science has not yet recognized. At the time of our birth, we have an open channel through which we can access the source of energy – God, the higher level of consciousness, if you will. In the first four weeks succeeding birth, the energy enters the human body, then the fontanelle on our head closes and the flow is interrupted. How we use the energy acquired during our lifetime depends solely on us.

Also harmful to humans is the so-called energy shock (or surge) in the biofield. Our energy record works in a similar way to a computer program: if the energy is depleted, we experience a blow to the mental and the physical body or our soul experiences an energy shock. This means our body receives a surge of energy e.g. by witnessing violence, quarrels, aggression, being exposed to manipulation, stress in the media as well as in real life, a program is triggered, which functions like a computer virus, manifesting itself in the human body in the form of illnesses. We can alleviate the symptoms with medicine, but we cannot cure the cause of the ailment.

Elena Sofia Seničar determines the cause of an illness by logging into an individual’s biofield and with her energy tuning erases the negative energy shock in the body, so that it can find the most suitable solutions itself. In her presence, energy is transmitted onto the physical body. During her therapy, we can access to 5% or even up to 15% of the life energy, which is enough for our body to initiate the best solutions itself. The effects clients have experienced are extraordinary.

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The client lies down. Energy can then be detected through a tingling sensation that travels throughout the body; a feeling of acupuncture (as if someone were stabbing you with a needle), the mental body opens up through the crown chakra, and a strong energy flow engulfs the entire body. Some even experience levitating sensation, which is caused by energy circulating in the body. They might see colours, past events from their lives; they feel their plexus, the heart chakra, and sometimes simply fall asleep.

The cleansing of the organism is initiated. The most common reaction comes in the form of a slight headache. We have to be aware that every human being has his or her own matrix, and by adjusting the matrix through headaches, some may acquire sensitivity to the Earth’s magnetic biofield, while others may spend one day in nervous tension, intolerance. Sometimes the client may experience unusually soft bowel movements, caused by cleansing of the liver; urine has a different smell due to cleansing of the kidneys; occasionally one may feel an itchy sensation on the skin’s surface…

All of these reactions indicate that the negative energy that has accumulated in the body through many years is looking for a way out. Energy therapy stimulates the brain to perform a scan of our body in order to locate the organ has an insufficient energy flow and sends additional energy to that organ as reinforcement.

The therapy can be done in person or at long-distance, through photography. One must be photographed whole, from head to toe. Arms and legs must not be crossed on the photo, and the person has to be the only one on the photograph (no animals or other people should be present). The photograph must not be a cut-out from a larger, group photo and should not be older than one month. In these therapies, the process is such that I call this person at a specific time of day. The client must lie still and maintain a state of relaxation (as described above). He or she must be aware of the possible reactions/side-effects he or she may experience.

Alcohol must not be consumed during the 7-day therapy.

I do not perform therapies:

  • for children under the age of 14, as their karma is still shared with that of their parents
  • also, with pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Therapy is meant for people:

  • Who are preparing for surgery or have already undergone surgery. Before the procedure, it prepares the body for good and effective surgical intervention, and after the operation, it helps accelerate the recovery process.
  • Therapy is also recommended for couples who have problems conceiving a child, or those who have decided on artificial insemination. Therapy for the latter is performed prior to the procedure.
  • In the case of bodily injury, the therapies are performed in order to relieve the pain by stimulating the body to heal faster.
  • For very old people, whose life is drawing to a close, to facilitate the transition from their physical to the spiritual body.
  • There have been many cases where people have woken up from a coma as a result of receiving energy assistance in their awakening.

What can you gain from energy therapy?

  • You receive the energy needed to combat the most serious illnesses.
  • The therapy destroys the causes for the development of disease in your body, which are encoded in your genes.
  • The therapy erases old programs, like stress, grudges, conflicts, negative thoughts, etc.
  • It soothes your psyche and gives your body new strength.
  • Helps couples who have trouble conceiving.
  • With the help of energy therapy 20-25% of vital life energy is restored.
  • Your internal organs regain their balance, which eradicates illnesses and other problems, such as allergies, cancerous growths, skin diseases, respiratory problems, prostate trouble, etc.
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Therapy lasts for 7 days without interruption, 30 minutes per session. In severe cases, it should be repeated after 3 months. Otherwise, the treatment’s effects last for 7 months. During this time, the human body is completely restored. The results are visible immediately, as psyche is also put at ease, clients’ sleep patterns stabilize, their desire to live is reawakened, and their life energy is increases by 20% to 25%.

I do not invite people to my therapies, as is the practice of some other therapists. The choice is yours alone. I am like a charger for a car battery that has stopped working properly. Although you can still drive your car, the vehicle’s life expectancy might not be as long. Our battery is our body, and it needs energy for it to battle illnesses or physical impairments.


Similar to informed water or bio-resonance, energy therapy is also used to transmit information into our body. By doing so, a reaction is triggered and our body begins with finding solutions by itself. This results in better sleeping patterns, waking up with fresh energy, our thoughts are clearer, resentments vanish, we see our new goals much clearer and our level of nervousness decreases significantly. The functioning of our internal organs finds a proper balance, which eradicates diseases and other problems, such as allergies, cancers, skin diseases, respiratory and prostate problems etc.

People also accumulate negative energy via the changing of sexual partners – a woman retains the energy of a man with whom she has had sexual intercourse. If a man is celibate for 3 months, his body is cleansed of this energy, since he is only transmitter of energy, while a woman stores and carries this energy for 7 years.

I would also like to emphasize that I alone do not work miracles – the true miracle resides within the person himself! Therapies depend solely on one’s susceptibility and perception of therapy, for each body reacts in its own way. I also help individuals whose recovery is impossible, for even by restoring 1% of their life energy, I have done a lot.

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The book Perception is Power is guaranteed to change and enrich your life in unimaginable ways. It is a unique read that contains a bit of theory and a lot of practical tips and solutions that one can apply in everyday life. ElenaS Energy Jewelry offers protection from bad vibrations and provides support in attaining your balance and focus. It directs the latter towards development and progress.

ElenaS Energy Jewelry has a gold and brilliant quality certificate issued by the Zlatarna Celje. Attending meditation training will help you resolve your fears and tensions, thus allowing you to move towards living a healthier and happier life.


Similar to the therapies I perform on people, I also offer energy therapy for animals and have achieved remarkable results in doing so. Animals do not understand language; they respond only to energy.

You can also protect your pets from negative vibrations and frequencies with the ElenaS Energy Pendant, which protects their biofield, strengthens their immune system, reduces stress and provides them with healthy energy for a long and happy life.

Meditative training for freeing from old relationships and overcoming fears of success.

Free yourself from your past with spiritual training for a healthy body. If you want health and happiness to enter your life, first you must free yourself of the relationships, that hold you in an unhealthy state. During the meditation and after it, you will feel great, because it will help you to take a big step forward. Forgiveness is a very important part of light, that shows you the way forward. Turn to yourself and find the good in the things that make you happy. With the help of meditative training you will work through your fears, tensions and move towards a healthy and happy life.

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