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elena sofia senicar - therapist

Elena Sofia Seničar is an energy therapist, licensed by the internationally renowned Bion Institute for Bioelectromagnetics and New Biology in the area of energy’s effect on the human body and matter. She is known both at home and abroad for her powerful and effective therapies of energetic tuning of the body.

Elena Sofia Seničar is a renowned licenced energy therapist, consultant, motivator and author, famous at home and abroad for her powerful and effective Energy therapies for the body.

Scanning the mental body’s matrix for information allows her to detect physical ailments of the body and its internal organs, thus achieving incredible results with her energy therapies.

As a consultant she guides people and advises them on various everyday problems, relationships, marital dilemmas, children, inheritance, business-related queries and other life situations.

She offers energy support to entrepreneurs, who often turn to her for help in corporate decision-making, as well as athletes and other people, whose work is physically or mentally strenuous or demands long periods of concentration.

In her role as motivator, she successfully resolves tensions among work colleagues and creates a positive working environment. She also achieves extraordinary results with lectures, where she promotes mindfulness and positive thinking among participants. A great number of people attend her seminars, lectures and workshops at home and abroad.

She has also helped many animals with her therapies.

Elena Sofia Seničar has obtained a certificate of (bio)energetic effects on humans and material objects from the world-renowned Bion Institute for Bioelectromagnetics and New Biology.

In her own words: “I cannot change a person’s character, but I can affect the way he or she thinks, which has an important and positive impact on the development of one’s life.”

Elena Sofia Seničar is the author of the book bestselling book Perception is Power in which she presents her compelling life story and describes the secrets, lessons and insights she has obtained through her work as energy therapist.

She also offers protection and support with her personal line of jewellery, meditation trainings and other energy products and services.


I was born in Moldova, where my parents provided me with a nice childhood. By nature, I was a lively, persistent and resourceful child and attended a Russian school. As was customary in our country, I also married as a young woman, but immediately separated from my husband when war broke out. So I survived the war with all its horrors; fear, cold, hunger, etc. alone with my daughter. It was extremely difficult, and before I was able to get used to peace, another battle began to rage in my life – a struggle for the life of my daughter. According to doctors, she needed an operation that could not afford. A type of pain exists that “silences all words”, and this pain is when one is forced to leave one’s child in the hospital and travel to another country to ensure her survival. Such painful moments, not all of which were followed by happy endings, were numerous in my life, and which I describe in greater detail in my energy book Perception is Power.

The love for my daughter, ingenuity and perseverance had brought me to Slovenia where I found employment. After several months of living in this country, I also met my husband. With money saved and with my then still future husband I returned to Moldova, where my daughter waited for me in the hospital. Although I could pay for surgery, I decided to look for another medical opinion, so I brought my daughter back to Slovenia. The range of emotions overwhelmed me when they told me that the child is healthy and does not need surgery, even more so that the operation would have harmed her, varying, from anger, outrage to indescribable happiness and deep relief.

Over the years, I sorted out my life here in Slovenia and acquired Slovenian citizenship, which means the world to me. I created a family with my Slovene husband and gave birth to two more girls. We wanted a fourth child, but I suffered three miscarriages, all in the sixth month of pregnancy, the last one resulting in a coma because of sudden heart failure. I was clinically dead for some time. I saw a fascinating white light into which I could easily enter if a familiar voice had not pulled me back into my body and promised to help me in finding answers to all my questions. I returned to life, and from that day on I surrendered to the unknown force that continues to guide me. Sounds simple, but it was anything but. For a long time I had no idea what had happened to me. Today I know and understand much more. I know that I see people’s biofields. I see answers and diseases. I know the paths travelled by people who come to me for therapy or consultation, and I see new ones that they should take in order to change their lives for the better. I also know that my energy is strong and influences various substances, which was confirmed by experts at the Bion Institute.

I accept the gift that I have been given with great gratitude and humility. I realise that as I received it so unexpectedly, I can lose it just as suddenly. That is why I dedicate my heart and soul to my life mission, which is to help people, animals and plants.