The Energy Ring for Men by ElenaS will instantly adjust to your finger and start working for you and with you. It will boost your immune-system, heighten your frequency, take care of your energy field, decrease stress symptoms and enhance your concentration. Your body will feel lighter and will heal itself at a faster pace.

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It is a unique piece of jewelry made from the purest materials – silver and brilliant. Brilliant is very powerful, it works similarly to a laser and regenerates your body. It will shield and protect you from negative energies entering your mental body. Silver is a noble metal, valued very highly for its ability to conduct heath and electricity, as well as its antimicrobial features.

This ring for men is designed to work on an unconscious level and to enhance energies, improving every situation you might face in life.

This ring is only available at ElenaS d.o.o. – it comes with a certificate given out by Zlatarna Celje which proves the quality of Silver and Brilliant.